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House of Worship Bible Supply ( brings you Bibles from some of the major publishers like, Biblica, The Catholic Company and the American Bible Society. With them, we are proud to bring both lay persons and Ministry professionals a carefully selected range of bibles and multimedia ministry materials. Choose from over 240 different styles, types and versions. Biblica publishes and stocks NIV, TNIV, NIrV, KJV, NKJV, NABRE, NLT, RSV bibles in large print, pew Bibles, pamphlets, portions, tabs, covers and even Cowboy Bibles. Whether it's wholesale or by the case you will find everything you need here. We also bring you scriptures in many other languages including German, Korean, Chinese and Spanish Bibles. Also available is the latest in multimedia scriptures on DVD, CD-ROM and MP3's. In addition, we also have religious pamphlets, booklets and spiritual leaflets.


Wholesale NIV Outreach Bibles in bulkNIV Outreach Bibles
These are our top sellers. They are not you your grandparents Bible! There are eight recently updated covers styles for you to choose from. Featuring the most recent version of the New International Version Bible, this durable paperback edition is loaded with features that you would not expect to see at this low price.

This publication includes Biblical reference maps, introductions, timelines and many other study tools to help the reader get the most out of this Bible. The low cost bulk pricing makes these Bibles perfect for neighborhood outreach as a "leave-behind" or a "give-away" gift. The language translation has been updated to make it easier for all levels of reader to understand and appreciate the lessons behind the text.

NIV 2011 version. Paperback. 896 pages. 8.3 font size (normal sized print). (5-1/2" x 8-1/2" x 1")

  • Dictionary
  • Concordance
  • Strong binding

$2.45 each in (1 to 9) cases of 24 ($58.80 a case)
$2.99 each in singles

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Read more about the reaction to the Revised New International Version Bible

Reaction to the Revised New International Version Bible

It has been over a year since the release of the latest revision of the New International Version Bible and I thought that it would be a good time to look into how this updated text has been received.
What is the difference between Large and Giant Print Bibles? What's the Difference Between Large Print and Giant Print Bibles?
This is a very common question. How do you know what size font is best for your needs. Is bigger better? Not in all cases. Learn how to choose the right sized text.

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