Thursday, October 23, 2014

Children's Bibles

Childhood is a precious time. Help the children around you know the word of God. These texts are designed to captivate and inspire young minds onto the road to His light. Chose from booklets, leaflets or picture Bibles for the younger child or full version children's Bibles as they get older. These easy-to-read books with engage and entertain the young while introducing them to His message and the role that He plays in their lives. As with our other publications, most of these items are available in single or case quantity.

Help children age 2-5 to learn who Jesus is with this NVI based booklet. Te Gustaria Conocer a Jesus is a Spanish language text with full-color illustrations; it will encourage kids to share faith with friends.
Los Superviviente (The Survivors) outreach booklet for children is an NVI text that teaches children to see God in the midst of man-made or natural disasters using prayers and healing.
Enjoy a high quality NIV edition that you can also give away! This paperback text is well-made, beautifully designed, feature rich, and yet priced for outreach and evangelism.
Illustrated with highlighting of key verses, this NIrV is easy to read and understand, and is ideal for children ages 6-10. Single and case quantities for gifts and schools.
Engage kids in the meaning of Christmas with these leaflets. Using NirV text, these "give-a-ways" or "leave behinds" teach about the birth of Jesus and are affordably priced.
Hands-on fun, this activity book uses NirV text to teach children about God's gifts rather than emphasizing the "presents" that arrive at Christmastime each year.
Combine the testimonies of successful athletes with an NIV text and you have an ideal outreach tool. Path to Victory is available by the case for sharing and evangelism.
New readers will appreciate the larger print and this NIV Children's Bible. Colorful and feature-rich, this edition is economically priced for giving away.
These NIV editions are feature rich with maps, guides, and more. In large print and durable soft cover, they are ideal gifts or affordably priced in bulk for use in outreach.
Whether used for outreach or evangelism or for new readers, this large print NIV edition is crafted in hardcover and designed in single column. Comes in both single copy and by the case.
Ideal for the elderly, visually impaired, or even kids just learning to read! This large print NIV edition is in paperback and full of handy features. Available one at a time and by the case.
This hardcover, NIV edition is ideal for beginning readers or those with impaired vision. Full of excellent features, it is affordable enough for outreach.
A large print New International Version that provides a sturdy hardcover, single column format, and many guides. Priced per copy, it is also available in bulk for outreach or study.
An entertaining edition for VBS or Sunday School, this Spanish language RV for girl's is colorful and inspiring. With over 1,300 pages it is a bargain when purchased in cases of 24.
One of the largest font sizes available for the NIV edition, this text is also economically made to allow for giving, sharing, and outreach. Purchase a single edition or by the case.
Known for its easy to read translation, the NIrV is an ideal choice for kids. This outreach edition is designed with color, extra features, and a handy size. Ideal for kids 6-10.
Appealing illustrations fill this NVI translation of the New Testament. Easy to read text makes this a great introduction for kids ages 6-10. Available by the case or in single copies.
Enjoy affordable outreach to the children of the community with these NIV editions. Illustrated and feature rich, they are for kids age 6-10. Available in bulk.
A RV just for little girl's! A colorful and illustrated presentation of the Scriptures, this RV children's Bible is durable yet affordable. Great for VBS or Sunday Schools.
Written for kids, this NIrV is full of colorful illustrations, study guides, and more. Ideal for kid's age 6-10 it is a great outreach resource and priced for purchase by the case.
Help to bring Jesus into Halloween with this informative and entertaining booklet. Sold only in bulk, it will become a major seasonal resource for outreach.
Hardcover editions of NVI translations, these texts are designed specifically for kids. Colorful illustrations and smaller size makes them ideal as gifts too. Available in bulk.
Ideally sized for smaller hands, these NVI translations are great for Sunday Schools, as gifts, or even as part of an outreach program. Hardcover, they are affordably priced by the case.