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Cowboy Bibles - The Way for Cowboys New Testament

Welcome to our Cowboy Bible store! If you or any of your family are fans of the Cowboy or Cowgirl lifestyle then you know that tradition runs deep in the Cowboy Church. Continue this rich tradition with these versions that include special Prayers and Poetry as well as the Word of God in the form of the NIV New Testament. Keep these Bibles handy in your boot, saddlebag or your back pocket. Every Cowboy should own one of these Rodeo Bibles. These Bibles are great for Rodeo Bible Camps, Kids camps and Cowboy Churches. We are proud to bring you these wholesale Cowboy Bibles by the case and in bulk.

Cowboy Bible: NIV The Way for Cowboys 1957 - In single copies or cases of 50


NIV The Way for Cowboys
In single copies or cases of 50, 300 or 500 (save!)

Anyone who loves the cowboy lifestyle will identify with The Way for Cowboys New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs. Fits comfortably in back pocket, boot, or saddlebag. Gospel plan, Cowboy prayer, poetry and testimonials from your favorite cowboys such as Grant Adkisson, Stran Smith and Jeff Gore. Made in partnership with Fellowship of Christian Cowboys.

544 pages.
Dimensions: (3-5/8 x 5-1/4")

$4.99 each in single copies

$3.24 each in cases of 50 ($164.50 a case)

$2.99 each in cases of 300 ($149.50 a case)

$2.74 each in cases of 500 ($139.50 a case)

Developed in partnership with the Fellowship of Christian Cowboys
Fellowship of Christian Cowboys

Cowboy Bible: NIV Heart of the Outdoors Bible NIV Heart of the Outdoors Bible
In single copies or cases of 50 (save!)

THE BIBLE FOR SPORTSMEN IDEAL FOR YOUR NON-CHRISTIAN HUNTING AND FISHING BUDDIES The Heart of the Outdoors, with its rugged camouflage paperback cover or leather cover, is designed especially for hunting and fishing enthusiasts. This NIV Bible features adventure stories and photos focusing on Ed Wetherby, Kathy Butt, Jay Yelas and several other noted sportsmen who share how to read God's Word, how to pray and how Scripture has increased their love for the outdoors. A clear gospel presentation makes this the perfect giveaway Bible. Slip a couple in your coat pockets or tackle box and live out Jesus' call to be fishers of men.

1,152 pages.
Dimensions: (4-1/8" x 6")
$4.75 each in cases of 24 ($114.00 a case)
$5.75 each in singles