Thursday, October 23, 2014

International Language Bibles

His eternal Word presented in languages from around the world... We have a wide variety of international language Bibles: Portuguese, French, Chinese, Arabic, Farsi, French, German, Korean, Japanese, Persian, Chichewan, Nepali, Punjabi, Finnish, Urdu Bibles and many more. If you don't see what you are looking for here, click here to view our suppliers stock.

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An NIV New Testament translation in Arabic, this beautifully designed text features both English and Arabic and is a strong resource for evangelism or outreach.
An NVI translation, this edition is in Portuguese rather than Spanish. It features a durable paperback binding and cover and is priced for outreach or evangelism by the case.
An ideal tool for outreach or evangelism, this Chinese language edition is crafted of durable materials and priced singly or is also available by the case.
A well-made paperback edition of the New Testament in Swedish, this durable paperback makes the ideal gift or mission resource.
Enhance understanding with this bilingual NIV edition. Chinese and English translations are side by side in this economically priced paperback that is great for evangelism.
Delve deeper into God's words with this NAV (Arabic translation) edition. Great for individual study or groups, it is available in single copies or by the case.
A good tool for outreach or evangelism, this Russian language translation features maps, a dictionary, and footnotes for added value. Priced singly or by the case.
An NRT edition in soft cover, this Russian language text has maps, a dictionary, and is designed to provide deeper comprehension. A good resource for outreach.
Whether for individual study or mission work, this Farsi language translation is beautifully designed and well-made. Available in single copies or by the case.
An outreach tool to Finnish speakers, this NIV text features side by side translations, and is considered the most well researched text available. Case quantities available.
This beautifully made New Urdu Bible Version is a hardcover text, with a ribbon marker. It is ideally sized and affordably priced for gift giving or daily use.
A beautiful translation of the Gospel of Luke (in Holy Injil), this text is a remarkable tool for those who are first time Bible readers. Priced singly or by the case.
A hardcover tool for the ultimate outreach, this Chinese Union Version (CUV) and NIV bilingual text provides an amazing resource. Priced singly or by the case for savings.
Double the reach of your evangelical programs when you use this bilingual text. The popular Chinese Union Version (CUV) alongside NIV makes for a far-reaching resource.
This Korean translation of the Bible is designed for long years of use. A vinyl cover, many excellent features, and a great price make it a wonderful tool for outreach.
A hardcover French translation of the Bible, this text includes maps, terms, and footnotes. It is designed for durability and yet is affordably priced singly or by the case.
The ultimate in outreach or evangelism, this Chichewa translation of the New Testament is priced for sharing, study or giving. Available in single paperbacks or by the case.
Ensure success with outreach or evangelism when you use these hardcover Arabic of the Bible. Beautifully designed, they offer an economically priced resource.
An elegant and beautiful Arabic translation of the entire Bible, this hardcover text features easy to read text. Available in single editions or discounted prices by the case.
The ideal resource for outreach, evangelism, or mission work, this Chinese Contemporary Bible is affordable and well-made. Purchase single editions or in bulk.
A Chinese Contemporary translation of the entire Bible, this paperback study Bible is designed as an ideal gift for Chinese Bible students. It is rich with features and helps
A side by side CUV (Chinese translation) and NIV edition. Enjoy complete comprehension at an affordable price with this paperback. Sold as single copies or in cases of 40.
Enjoy complete clarity with this Chinese and English edition NIV New Testament. A well sized paperback, it is good for outreach and priced in single units and case quantities.
An ideal Chinese outreach resource, this contemporary Chinese Bible features a durable red cover along with special guides in the back. Priced for single editions or by the case.
Enhance your outreach and evangelism with this French language translation of the entire Bible. A durable paperback, it features footnotes, maps, and a dictionary.
A Thai language translation, this text is ideal for study or even as outreach. A durable paperback, it includes gilded edges, study notes, maps and more.
An affordable and easy to carry Nepali translation of the New Testament. A durable paperback edition, it is a good resource for outreach and evangelism.
A French translation of the New Testament, this pocket-sized edition features maps, a dictionary, and footnotes. It is available by the case for affordable outreach.