Tuesday, October 21, 2014

King James Version (KJV) Bibles

500 years of tradition! Tyndale completed the first English translation of the New Testament in 1526. The King James Bible was first conceived of in 1604 when King James the first commissioned his own English language version of the New Testaments. The translation took seven years to complete. With such a lofty proponent, the King James Version Bible immediately became the central text for English speaking Protestants. This tradition has carried on until today where, now public domain, it is still the single most recognizable English version Bible on the Planet.

These King James Version Bibles (KJV) from Biblica come in a variety of cover styles and intended for a variety of uses. They are available in single copies or economical case lots. Choose from regular, large or giant print font. No matter which you choose, they will be perfect for a long lifetime of praise and enjoyment.

Ideal for study groups or as outreach resources, these large print, paperback editions of the King James Version text are affordably priced in bulk and full of excellent features.
Updated and yet poetic, this edition features the NIV and KJV as parallel texts that allow readers to compare and contrast their poetry and power. Purchase by the case for study.
Large print, paperback King James Version texts are easy to read and ideally suited for affordable study groups or as evangelism resources handed out to guests or visitors.
A high-quality, antiqued, KJV with giant print text. This classic edition features a presentation page, black "flex" cover, maps, concordance, and the words of Christ highlighted in red.
A larger type edition of the KJV Bible, this hardcover is economical enough for outreach, yet sturdy enough for use in study groups and pews during worship services.
Ensure that your outreach, study groups or evangelism are effective with this KJV New Testament edition. Affordable and yet durable, they are sold alone or in cases of 50 Bibles.
A value priced classic KJV Bible, this edition features attractive design and is printed economically for use in outreach or evangelism. Purchase singles or by the case.
A KJV edition designed for evangelism, study groups, and outreach. You can easily give away these well designed paperbacks thanks to their affordable prices.
A great resource for outreach or evangelism, this affordable paperback KJV New Testament includes many extra features. Priced singly or by the case.
A remarkably affordable KJV New Testament, this enduring edition contains many fascinating features and helps. Paperback, it is available as single copies or by the case.
This well-made hardcover is a true classic. The KJV for pews and ministry, it is also priced comfortably for outreach or evangelism too and can be purchased in cases of 24.
If you have visited many churches it is likely that you have held a copy of this KJV in your hands. Now you too can use this hardcover text that is well-made and affordably priced.
A beautiful translation for your outreach efforts. This paperback KJV features many interesting extras and is durable enough for years of use. Priced singly or by the case.