Monday, October 20, 2014

Military Camouflage Bibles

Military Digi Camouflage BiblesGrace, courage and hope for those in the face of conflict... What more could you want for family and friends in military service? These bibles are carried by U.S. troops world wide. Many of these Military Camouflage bibles include a concise Bible dictionary and concordance. The compact-sized military camouflage bible is a perfect size to pack along with other necessary supplies. Many of these cammo bibles are available in Spanish versions. These Military camouflage bibles are available in singles or by the case. Supply your whole unit with camouflage bibles - it is cheap and rewarding!

A case of Bibles can go a long way in the desert.

A great gift for anyone in the military, the NIV edition is printed with a "camouflage" cover and features military-based guides. Paperback, this edition is available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
Small, durable, and with a camouflage print cover, these NIV editions are ideal for soldiers or hunters. Sold as single copies or by the case, they are also evangelical tools.
Choose from two cover styles: blue and gold for the Navy or blue and silver for Air Force and Coast Guard. Small, compact and packed with military helps, these NIV edition Bibles are authorized for use by milit
A good resource for military outreach and evangelism, this NIV edition features relevant guides and a rugged, vinyl camo cover. Available by the case or singly.
Small and durable, these paperback editions of the NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs are designed for military personnel. Available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
Law enforcement officers endure many hardships. This NIV New Testament provides readings and messages essential to their wellbeing. Paperback, and available in bulk.
Pocket sized for portability, this NIV New Testament includes Psalms and Proverbs, and is designed especially for cowboys. Affordably priced paperbacks can be purchased by the case.
A resource for those suffering from PTSD, this NIV edition features many excellent resources. Small in size, this is a good resource for outreach and is available in bulk.
The perfect way to thank a hero! This inspiring work features real world tales from first responders. The modern NIV text is easy to read and printed as a paperback.
An NIV especially for those who love hunting and fishing, this paperback edition features stories, instruction, and more. An excellent and affordable "leave behind" outreach tool.
A New Testament for motorcycle enthusiasts! This paperback NIV edition has photos, essays, and inspirational stories to enhance the faith of motorcyclists.
A pocket sized NIV New Testament for the motorcyclist. This small paperback edition is designed for long term use and yet is affordably priced for outreach.
Designed to fit into a pack or duffle, this NIrV edition is lightweight but feature rich and designed especially for campers and outdoorsmen. Perfect as a "leave behind" at campsites.
A source of light for the families of military personnel, this NIV edition includes special features to offer answers and hope. This paperback can be purchased alone or by the case.
Perfect for evangelism or outreach to military personnel, these NIV New Testaments feature Psalms and Proverbs. Paperbacks, they are affordably priced in bulk.
Small and easy to carry, this NIV edition is designed especially for military personnel. A strong vinyl cover in a camo print, it is available by the case for outreach campaigns.
Anyone in the armed forces will appreciate this conveniently sized NIV Bible. Even with its full text, it is small in size and designed for years of use. Available in Blue and gold for the Navy or blue and silv