Saturday, October 25, 2014

New King James Version (NKJV) Bibles

In 1975, Thomas Nelson Publishers undertook the task of creating a modern English language Bible. They worked with hundreds of Bible scholars, theologians and everyday Christians to publish a Bible whose text was more representative of modern English. They went right back to many of the same Greek, Hebrew and Aramaic documents the creators of the original King James Bible worked from. Even with all the modern conveniences of word processors and computers, it took the team seven years to complete the translation, the same amount of time it took to assemble the original KJV by hand.

These New King James Version Bibles (NKJV) from Biblica come in a variety of cover styles and intended for a variety of uses. They are available in single copies or economical case lots. Choose from regular, large or giant print font. No matter which you choose, they will be perfect for a long lifetime of praise and enjoyment.

A conveniently sized edition of the NKJV Gospel of John. With its travel size and options for single or by the case quantities, it will support your evangelical campaigns.
This New King James Gospel translation of the Gospel of John is conveniently sized and priced by the case to provide an excellent resource for evangelism.
A hardcover, large print edition of the NKJV Bible. This edition is perfect for both personal use and pew/worship. This updated version is affordable enough for elder outreach.
Ideal for evangelism and outreach, these affordable NKJV New Testament editions are printed as paperbacks and are great for give-a-ways. Purchase singles or in bulk cases of 50.
A contemporary look at the New Testament, this NKJV edition is designed for sharing or giving. Economically printed as a paperback it is available by the case or single editions.
A high quality, large print edition of the New King James Version. This is well suited as a gift or for study groups and can be purchased singly or by the case.
Eliminate eye strain with these NKJV editions. Large and beautifully designed paperbacks, they are good for groups as well as individuals. Available in case quantity.
Enhance your evangelical outreach with this beautiful NKJV. This durable paperback is easy to read and accurate, but it is also priced affordably whether singly or by the case.
This rugged paperback edition of the New King James Version is a good resource for your outreach programs. Easy to read and beautiful in design it can be purchased alone or in bulk.
A time-tested resource for prison ministries, this economical paperback NKJV edition Bible is designed to offer hope, inspiration, and insight to prisoners.
Rely on this well-made paperback NKJV edition for your evangelical or outreach campaigns. Beautiful design and many features add to the value, and it is available by the case.
A sturdy New King James Version New Testament Bible, this updated version of the classic KJV paperback is an ideal gift yet affordable enough for evangelism or outreach.
Full large print text of the New King James Version, this edition is beautifully designed and would work well for the elderly or new English readers.