Saturday, October 25, 2014

New Testament Bibles

Words direct from the Apostles... The New Testaments or New Covenant is a grouping of twenty seven different books that are thought to be written by the Apostles or their direct disciples sometime during the late first century. It is largely accepted that the original texts first appeared between 45 A.D. and 140 A.D., the century after the death of Jesus. These books were penned during the Roman occupation in several Middle Eastern countries. Most were written in Koine Greek, a popular dialect of the time.

Biblica publishes a large variety of books that feature the New Testament texts. More focussed than the complete Bible, the New Testament is perfect for evangelism. Biblica has combined this text with engaging themes making many of these products perfect for reaching out to new Christians, youth groups and general community outreach.

365 daily readings make this NIV based text an effective way to conduct daily Scripture readings. The complete text it is affordably priced by the case or in single copies.
A pocket-sized NVI translation of the New Testament (with Psalms and Proverbs). Available with imprinting and by the case, it is a great evangelical resource.
A lightweight, paperback NVI Spanish translation that is contemporary and accessible. Printed economically and available by the case for affordable evangelism.
Easier to read, this NVI translation is designed for portability and affordable evangelism. With a presentation page, overview, and glossary, these are excellent outreach texts.
An NLT New Testament in durable paperback, this text is an optimal choice for evangelism and outreach. Well-made and available in bulk, it is a perfect study resource.
You can enjoy affordable evangelism when you turn to these NLT New Testament editions. Attractive and up to date, they are available singly or by the case.
This large print NIV New Testament is an ideal resource for elderly outreach or even for kids learning to read. Feature rich, it is an affordable evangelical tool.
Perfect for evangelism or outreach to military personnel, these NIV New Testaments feature Psalms and Proverbs. Paperbacks, they are affordably priced in bulk.
Small and durable, these paperback editions of the NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs are designed for military personnel. Available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
Small enough for a shirt pocket; these NIV New Testament texts feature Psalms and Proverbs. They are available in bulk for affordable evangelism and outreach.
An affordable way to provide your evangelical or outreach campaigns with the perfect text. This NIV New Testament in pocket sized paperback is available in case quantities.
Provide your outreach or evangelism campaigns with an ideal resource. This pocket sized NIV New Testament features Psalms and Proverbs and is available by the case.
Pocket sized NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is an ideal tool for outreach or evangelism. Paperback and durable, they are available by the case.
A well-made, large print NIV New Testament is available! This paperback edition is ideal for outreach and can be enjoyed by youngsters learning to read or elderly with visual troubles.
Outreach and evangelism have never been so affordable. These paperback RV New Testaments provide an economical method of spreading the word. Available in bulk.
A remarkably affordable RV New Testament (Spanish translation). Designed for outreach and evangelism, it can be purchased by the case of 50 or in single editions.
Ideal for evangelism and outreach, these affordable NKJV New Testament editions are printed as paperbacks and are great for give-a-ways. Purchase singles or in bulk cases of 50.
A contemporary look at the New Testament, this NKJV edition is designed for sharing or giving. Economically printed as a paperback it is available by the case or single editions.
A new way to enjoy the NIV New Testament, this edition features no chapters or verses; only unbroken text. A paperback edition it is can be purchased by the cases of 12 or singly.
This NVI edition (Spanish translation) of the New Testament is designed for first time Bible readers. Full of useful features, these paperbacks are economically priced.
Contemporary design and affordable materials make these NIV New Testament editions an ideal choice for outreach. Purchase single copies or enjoy savings buying in bulk.
Made for study, outreach, or evangelism these NIV New Testament editions are rich with features and yet affordably printed in paperback. Purchase single copies or in bulk.
The Books of the Bible is a look at the New Testament. This Spanish translation is available in paperback and is a very effective tool for deeper understanding of Scripture.
A time-tested resource for prison ministries, this economical paperback NKJV edition Bible is designed to offer hope, inspiration, and insight to prisoners.
A sturdy New King James Version New Testament Bible, this updated version of the classic KJV paperback is an ideal gift yet affordable enough for evangelism or outreach.
You can give away a beautifully designed NIrV New Testament without breaking the budget. These paperback editions are simple, economical, and ideal for all readers.
You can conduct evangelical or outreach campaigns affordably with these paperback NIV New Testaments. Beautifully designed and feature rich, they are available by the case.
A feature-rich outreach text, this paperback NIV New Testament is well designed and yet priced specifically for giving away. Available in single copies or in case quantities.
An affordable way to spread the word, this NLT New Testament is crafted from economy paper and is full of updated study guides. Enjoy discounts and buy in bulk.
A well-made paperback version of the NVI, this Spanish translation is meant for first time Bible readers. Priced for outreach, it is sold in single copies or by the case quantity.
An NVI edition (Spanish) of the "Free on the Inside" prison Bible. This prison ministry text offers remarkable tools for study an insight. Available in affordable case quantities.
Attractively formatted NLT New Testament is designed specifically for affordable outreach and evangelism. Available by the case, it is updated and ideal for study.
An effective tool for prison ministry, the New International Reader's Version is a durable paperback, affordably priced by the case. "Free on the Inside" is in large print with study aids and testimonies for in