Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Outreach & Targeted Scriptures

Spreading His light one book at a time... Your Ministry is complex and as a result you need a wide range of Outreach resources. We have complied many tools proven in the field of Outreach Ministry. Many of these publications provide practical steps to recovery for people left emotionally and spiritually devastated by a variety of life experiences.

The areas that we currently target are:

Children and Youth Ministry
Disaster, Counseling, Crisis and Special Needs
Firefighters, Police Officers, Cowboys, Bikers and Truckers
Military (Digi Camo)
New Age, Jewish and Native American
Prison Ministry (Prison Chaplain Ministry)

Student Ministry
Women's Ministry
Christmas Outreach
Easter Outreach
Father's Day is June 17th
Mother's Day is May 13th

A side by side, bilingual NVI and NIV (Spanish and English), this is a powerful tool for outreach and community building. Durable in design, it is both attractive and affordable.
This New King James Gospel translation of the Gospel of John is conveniently sized and priced by the case to provide an excellent resource for evangelism.
A durable, hardcover NIV text, this edition has long been used by Sunday Schools and outreach programs. It is available by the case or in single copies, and will last for years.
An affordable and durable NIV hardcover, this text is ideal for outreach, Sunday School students, or as a way of introducing new readers. Great in case quantities for evangelism.
Women in crisis pregnancies will find much comfort in this NIV New Testament. With many special features, this paperback edition provides hope and answers. Available in bulk.
Pocket sized NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is an ideal tool for outreach or evangelism. Paperback and durable, they are available by the case.
The ideal outreach tool, this NIV edition is packed with features for first-time Bible readers. Available in single or by the case, it is a great value and a powerful resource.
Daily devotions created especially for graduates, this NIV based text is a high quality printing with 366 daily readings. Available by the case as gifts or for groups.
"Mommy Dreams" is an NIV based booklet for mothers of preschoolers in need of Bible based answers and insight. This 64-page booklet reveals just how well God understands motherhood.
Colorful and affordable NVI Gospels of John (in Spanish) are pocket-sized and available by the case to ensure success with any evangelical campaign.
Pocket-sized, colorfully designed NVI Gospels of John offer you a Spanish language tool for an evangelical campaign. In bulk pricing provides an affordable option.
A resource for those suffering from PTSD, this NIV edition features many excellent resources. Small in size, this is a good resource for outreach and is available in bulk.
An inspiring book for use by religious leaders, and those who encounter victims of recent loss. Featuring NIV passages, it is a tool for comforting and restoring faith.
Black cover - An excellent outreach resource for students. This NIV edition includes special content from the CCR (www.CRU.org) and provides fascinating stories relevant to youth and college students.
Tree Cover - An excellent outreach resource for students. This NIV edition includes special content from the CCR (www.CRU.org) and provides fascinating stories relevant to youth and college students.
The perfect way to thank a hero! This inspiring work features real world tales from first responders. The modern NIV text is easy to read and printed as a paperback.
Natural disasters make many question faith and this useful booklet helps to address such times. A 30 day devotional, it is a great outreach or ministry tool for difficult times.
Designed to fit into a pack or duffle, this NIrV edition is lightweight but feature rich and designed especially for campers and outdoorsmen. Perfect as a "leave behind" at campsites.
Provide your outreach or evangelism campaigns with an ideal resource. This pocket sized NIV New Testament features Psalms and Proverbs and is available by the case.
An affordable way to provide your evangelical or outreach campaigns with the perfect text. This NIV New Testament in pocket sized paperback is available in case quantities.
Small and easy to carry, this NIV edition is designed especially for military personnel. A strong vinyl cover in a camo print, it is available by the case for outreach campaigns.
Small enough for a shirt pocket; these NIV New Testament texts feature Psalms and Proverbs. They are available in bulk for affordable evangelism and outreach.
A good resource for military outreach and evangelism, this NIV edition features relevant guides and a rugged, vinyl camo cover. Available by the case or singly.
Small, durable, and with a camouflage print cover, these NIV editions are ideal for soldiers or hunters. Sold as single copies or by the case, they are also evangelical tools.
A great gift for anyone in the military, the NIV edition is printed with a "camouflage" cover and features military-based guides. Paperback, this edition is available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
Find Hope for the Future with this NIV New Testament created for women in crisis pregnancies. Thirty two pages of special content provide guidance and hope.
Law enforcement officers endure many hardships. This NIV New Testament provides readings and messages essential to their wellbeing. Paperback, and available in bulk.
Pocket sized for portability, this NIV New Testament includes Psalms and Proverbs, and is designed especially for cowboys. Affordably priced paperbacks can be purchased by the case.
A conveniently sized edition of the NKJV Gospel of John. With its travel size and options for single or by the case quantities, it will support your evangelical campaigns.
Attractive NIV editions designed for outreach and evangelism. These paperbacks are feature-rich and yet priced so affordably as to be an ideal text to share and give away.
A truly high quality, bilingual NIV/NVI edition Bible. Offering Spanish and English translations, this leather-look text is a good gift or ideal tool for evangelism.
A frank look at dangerous sexual choices occurs with this NIV New Testament. Part of the "Reach 4 Life" program, this paperback is a must for your youth outreach.
An NIV especially for those who love hunting and fishing, this paperback edition features stories, instruction, and more. An excellent and affordable "leave behind" outreach tool.
Ideal for evangelism and outreach, these affordable NKJV New Testament editions are printed as paperbacks and are great for give-a-ways. Purchase singles or in bulk cases of 50.
A contemporary look at the New Testament, this NKJV edition is designed for sharing or giving. Economically printed as a paperback it is available by the case or single editions.
This hardcover, NIV edition is ideal for beginning readers or those with impaired vision. Full of excellent features, it is affordable enough for outreach.
A pocket sized NIV New Testament for the motorcyclist. This small paperback edition is designed for long term use and yet is affordably priced for outreach.