Friday, October 24, 2014

Pew Bibles

A good Pew Bible should feel sturdy and reassuring to the touch. Biblica knows this and takes special care in constructing each and every one of their Economy, Hardcover, Witness and Worship edition Bibles. As you know, the Bibles that you place in your Pews for public use see untold abuse. These books are ruggedly built to withstand a long life in the pews of your congregation. Biblica publishes a variety of Bibles intended for use as Pew Bibles. Aside from the variation of Bibles versions such as KJV, NVI, NIV, TNIV, NLT and NRSV, we also offer large print, compact and paperback Pew Bibles. All of these items are made very affordable when you purchase them in bulk by the case quantity.

Your Bibles are a reflection of your church. So why not purchase only the very best Bibles so that they last for years to come? Most of the items below are available in both as single copies as well as in bulk quantities by the case. Carefully bound and perfect as gifts or prizes, our Pew Bibles are second to none! Some of these Bibles can be custom engraved with your congregation's name and logo at a reasonable cost.

An affordable pew Bible is available with this NIV edition. Rich with many different features, it is a hardcover that displays larger text and yet is priced economically.
A durable, hardcover NIV text, this edition has long been used by Sunday Schools and outreach programs. It is available by the case or in single copies, and will last for years.
An affordable and durable NIV hardcover, this text is ideal for outreach, Sunday School students, or as a way of introducing new readers. Great in case quantities for evangelism.
A long-lasting pew Bible, this hardcover NIV edition features larger print, maps and guides, and is ministry priced by the case or in single copies. Multiple colors available too.
Whether used for outreach or evangelism or for new readers, this large print NIV edition is crafted in hardcover and designed in single column. Comes in both single copy and by the case.
A large print New International Version that provides a sturdy hardcover, single column format, and many guides. Priced per copy, it is also available in bulk for outreach or study.
Ideal for the elderly, visually impaired, or even kids just learning to read! This large print NIV edition is in paperback and full of handy features. Available one at a time and by the case.
Large print, paperback King James Version texts are easy to read and ideally suited for affordable study groups or as evangelism resources handed out to guests or visitors.
Larger print and durable bindings make these NIV editions ideal for study groups, pews, and as gifts. Hardcover and available in several colors, they are ministry priced in bulk.
A high quality, large print edition of the New King James Version. This is well suited as a gift or for study groups and can be purchased singly or by the case.
This large print edition of the NASB features a durable hardcover design and features such as maps, guides, and more. Available singly or by the case for ministry purposes.
A larger type edition of the KJV Bible, this hardcover is economical enough for outreach, yet sturdy enough for use in study groups and pews during worship services.
This hardcover, NIV edition is ideal for beginning readers or those with impaired vision. Full of excellent features, it is affordable enough for outreach.
A hardcover, large print edition of the NKJV Bible. This edition is perfect for both personal use and pew/worship. This updated version is affordable enough for elder outreach.
Need a hardcover Bible to giveaway? These NIV editions are made as affordable resources for evangelism and outreach. High quality printings they feature rich and economically priced.
Young readers as well as people with vision problems appreciate the Giant Print of this NIV edition Bible. A hardcover with nice proportions, it is affordable enough for evangelism.
This NLT edition Bible is printed in a large print format and is presented in a hardcover binding. It is feature-rich and the choice of many study groups as well as churches.
If you have visited many churches it is likely that you have held a copy of this KJV in your hands. Now you too can use this hardcover text that is well-made and affordably priced.
This well-made hardcover is a true classic. The KJV for pews and ministry, it is also priced comfortably for outreach or evangelism too and can be purchased in cases of 24.
A hardcover NASB edition designed specifically for study groups or daily devotions. With many features, this text is ideally suited for outreach as well, and is available in bulk.
A hardcover French translation of the Bible, this text includes maps, terms, and footnotes. It is designed for durability and yet is affordably priced singly or by the case.
This NIV hardcover edition is priced for outreach and evangelism. Though a solid and well-made text it is designed for giving away and is available singly or in case quantities.
Evangelical campaigns can get a big boost when you are able to give high quality NIV editions. These hardcover texts are well-made and yet affordable, whether singly or in bulk.
Imagine the joy of giving new members or visitors their own hardcover NIV edition when they first arrive. It is possible with these quality pew Bibles priced just right for giving.
A compact NIV edition, this hardcover travels well and is priced just right for sharing, outreach, and evangelism. Available in single copies it is also discounted in bulk.
An attractive and yet compact larger print edition of the NVI. This text is features a concordance and is designed for evangelism and affordability. Available singly or in bulk.
A larger print, and yet compact hardcover edition of the NVI. This Bible is affordably priced for outreach or for study groups. Available singly or by the case for ministry.
A Thai language translation, this text is ideal for study or even as outreach. A durable paperback, it includes gilded edges, study notes, maps and more.
Whether for individual study or mission work, this Farsi language translation is beautifully designed and well-made. Available in single copies or by the case.
This beautifully made New Urdu Bible Version is a hardcover text, with a ribbon marker. It is ideally sized and affordably priced for gift giving or daily use.