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Military Bibles

Military Camouflage Bibles

Grace, courage and hope for those in the face of conflict... What more could you want for family and friends in military service? These Bibles are carried by U.S. troops world wide. Many of these Military Camouflage Bibles include a concise Bible dictionary and concordance. The compact-sized military camouflage Bible is a perfect size to pack along with other necessary supplies. Many of these camo Bibles are available in Spanish versions. These Military camouflage Bibles are available in singles or by the case. Supply your whole unit with camouflage Bibles - it is cheap and rewarding!

A case of Bibles can go a long way in the desert.

In singles or case quantities
A great gift for anyone in the military, the NIV edition is printed with a "camouflage" cover and features military-based guides. Paperback, this edition is available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
In singles or case quantities
The perfect way to thank a hero! This inspiring work features real world tales from first responders. The modern NIV text is easy to read and printed as a paperback.
In singles or case quantities
Law enforcement officers endure many hardships. This NIV New Testament provides readings and messages essential to their wellbeing. Paperback, and available in bulk.
In singles or case quantities
Pocket sized for portability, this NIV New Testament includes Psalms and Proverbs, and is designed especially for cowboys. Affordably priced paperbacks can be purchased by the case.
In singles or case quantities
An NIV especially for those who love hunting and fishing, this paperback edition features stories, instruction, and more. An excellent and affordable "leave behind" outreach tool.
In singles or case quantities
Take God’s Word with you on all your adventures. Find inspiration for times of wonder and support for times of trial. With Scripture verses and tips on everything from building a fire to identifying animals, th
In singles or case quantities
A full text Bible in International Children's Bible® translation in traditional camo canvas cover and just the right size for young hands. Embroidered with a cross, this Bible is perfect for adventerous boys.
In singles or case quantities
Life for those in the military and their loved ones can be filled with rapid change, fear, and uncertainty. For those bravely serving our country, Max Lucado, points to the Source of hope and strength. This boo
In singles or case quantities
A pocket sized NIV New Testament for the motorcyclist. This small paperback edition is designed for long term use and yet is affordably priced for outreach.
In singles or case quantities
The NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs, Military Edition makes a great gift to those in the military and is available in a convenient, pocket-size making it easy to take anywhere. Features the official
In singles or case quantities
A resource for those suffering from PTSD, this NIV edition features many excellent resources. Small in size, this is a good resource for outreach and is available in bulk.
In singles or case quantities
A good resource for military outreach and evangelism, this NIV edition features relevant guides and a rugged, vinyl camo cover. Available by the case or singly.
In singles or case quantities
Thin and lightweight, Thomas Nelson’s UltraSlim™ Bibles boast a complete and easy-to-read Bible that is ready to go when you are! A Bible you can be comfortable taking with you every day and everywhere you go,
In singles or case quantities
As a military wife, caring for your home and family is a mission that never stops. You want to support your husband while he serves, but you often wonder if you have what it takes. As someone who has been throu
In singles or case quantities
THE RIGHT SIZE AND RIGHT PRICE FOR SHARING Conveniently sized NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs are easy to carry along for a variety of outreach opportunities. Flexible leather-look cover and quality

What is a Military Bible?

A Military Bible is a compact Bible that is small enough to comfortably fit into a uniform pocket. It usually has a camouflage pattern on the cover. Some even have special notes and passages to bring comfort to the owner. Others also contain orders of worship so you can hold your own service in the field.

Are Service People Allowed to Carry a Military Bible?

Yes, the United States Pentagon allows military personnel to carry religious texts including Bibles, the Quran and more. Beware though that military rules forbid troops of any religion from proselytizing in many countries around the world.

What Versions Are Military Bibles Available In?

The two most popular Bible version that are available in a Camo cover military version are the New International Version (NIV) and the more traditional King James Version (KJV).

How Big Are Military Bibles?

Military Bibles are usually always pocket-sized. Most military Bibles measure around 5.25(h) x 3.63(w) x 0.63(d) inches. Yes, they are quite small.

How Many Pages Do a Military Bible Have?

The average Military Bibles can contain from 554 to 1152 pages depending on the version and features included. (Most are around 544 pages)

What does a Military Bible Weigh?

Most Military Bibles weigh between 0.28 and 0.74 pounds.

What font size are Military Bibles?

Military Bibles, like other pocket-sized Bibles use a very small typeface. This font is usually 6.6 or 6.7 point.