Our Bible Reading Plan

House of Worship Supply (HOWSupply.com) is proud to provide you with our 52 week Bible reading plan. This Bible reading plan is structured in a simple front-to-back format to. This easy to follow reading plan will help you to read the entire Holy Bible, Old Testament and New Testaments, in a mere 52 weeks. That is 22 chapters per week for the first 7 weeks, and then 23 chapters per week for the remaining 45 weeks. A 30 minute allotment of time during a quiet time of each day is that is required - a very small price to pay for the spiritual learning and peace of mind that you get in return.

This bible reading plan is made more flexible thanks to to the numbered weeks. The weeks are numbered so a beginning your bible reading journey can be started at any time of the year. Just start at Week 1 and do the row from left to right, from Sunday to Saturday. Continue by repeating the process down the list until you are finished the bible reading plan.