Thursday, October 23, 2014

New International Version (NIV) Bibles

A modern translation for today's reader. As our top selling Bible version, the New International Version Bible comes in a variety of styles. They can be purchased as single copies or by the case. Available in a variety of cover types and designs, many of these generously priced Bibles have large print or are leather bound perfect for a long lifetime of enjoyment. We also have affordable Large and Giant Print, Witness Edition, Worship Edition, Military and "Take Anywhere" Soft cover Bibles.

This Bible version was first released in 1978. Since then, over 200 million copies have been sold around the world. It is primarily a Protestant Bible and is particularly favored by American Evangelicals. It received a partial update in 1984 and a completely revisited update in 2011. All of the products on this page are the latest 2011 version.

Larger print and durable bindings make these NIV editions ideal for study groups, pews, and as gifts. Hardcover and available in several colors, they are ministry priced in bulk.
A compact NIV edition, this hardcover travels well and is priced just right for sharing, outreach, and evangelism. Available in single copies it is also discounted in bulk.
An affordable pew Bible is available with this NIV edition. Rich with many different features, it is a hardcover that displays larger text and yet is priced economically.
The ideal outreach tool, this NIV edition is packed with features for first-time Bible readers. Available in single or by the case, it is a great value and a powerful resource.
An affordable and durable NIV hardcover, this text is ideal for outreach, Sunday School students, or as a way of introducing new readers. Great in case quantities for evangelism.
A durable, hardcover NIV text, this edition has long been used by Sunday Schools and outreach programs. It is available by the case or in single copies, and will last for years.
Large print, paperback King James Version texts are easy to read and ideally suited for affordable study groups or as evangelism resources handed out to guests or visitors.
Ideal for study groups or as outreach resources, these large print, paperback editions of the King James Version text are affordably priced in bulk and full of excellent features.
Updated and yet poetic, this edition features the NIV and KJV as parallel texts that allow readers to compare and contrast their poetry and power. Purchase by the case for study.
A long-lasting pew Bible, this hardcover NIV edition features larger print, maps and guides, and is ministry priced by the case or in single copies. Multiple colors available too.
Daily devotions created especially for graduates, this NIV based text is a high quality printing with 366 daily readings. Available by the case as gifts or for groups.
Black cover - An excellent outreach resource for students. This NIV edition includes special content from the CCR ( and provides fascinating stories relevant to youth and college students.
The perfect way to thank a hero! This inspiring work features real world tales from first responders. The modern NIV text is easy to read and printed as a paperback.
Tree Cover - An excellent outreach resource for students. This NIV edition includes special content from the CCR ( and provides fascinating stories relevant to youth and college students.
These NIV editions are feature rich with maps, guides, and more. In large print and durable soft cover, they are ideal gifts or affordably priced in bulk for use in outreach.
Whether used for outreach or evangelism or for new readers, this large print NIV edition is crafted in hardcover and designed in single column. Comes in both single copy and by the case.
A large print New International Version that provides a sturdy hardcover, single column format, and many guides. Priced per copy, it is also available in bulk for outreach or study.
Small and easy to carry, this NIV edition is designed especially for military personnel. A strong vinyl cover in a camo print, it is available by the case for outreach campaigns.
Ideal for the elderly, visually impaired, or even kids just learning to read! This large print NIV edition is in paperback and full of handy features. Available one at a time and by the case.
A good resource for military outreach and evangelism, this NIV edition features relevant guides and a rugged, vinyl camo cover. Available by the case or singly.
This large print NIV New Testament is an ideal resource for elderly outreach or even for kids learning to read. Feature rich, it is an affordable evangelical tool.
Perfect for evangelism or outreach to military personnel, these NIV New Testaments feature Psalms and Proverbs. Paperbacks, they are affordably priced in bulk.
Small and durable, these paperback editions of the NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs are designed for military personnel. Available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
Small, durable, and with a camouflage print cover, these NIV editions are ideal for soldiers or hunters. Sold as single copies or by the case, they are also evangelical tools.
A great gift for anyone in the military, the NIV edition is printed with a "camouflage" cover and features military-based guides. Paperback, this edition is available in "Digi camo" or "Woodland camo" covers.
Compact enough to take anywhere, this NIV edition is a paperback edition that would work as an evangelical or outreach resource. Available in single or case quantities.
Need a hardcover Bible to giveaway? These NIV editions are made as affordable resources for evangelism and outreach. High quality printings they feature rich and economically priced.
Small enough for a shirt pocket; these NIV New Testament texts feature Psalms and Proverbs. They are available in bulk for affordable evangelism and outreach.
An affordable way to provide your evangelical or outreach campaigns with the perfect text. This NIV New Testament in pocket sized paperback is available in case quantities.
Provide your outreach or evangelism campaigns with an ideal resource. This pocket sized NIV New Testament features Psalms and Proverbs and is available by the case.
Pocket sized NIV New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs is an ideal tool for outreach or evangelism. Paperback and durable, they are available by the case.
Women in crisis pregnancies will find much comfort in this NIV New Testament. With many special features, this paperback edition provides hope and answers. Available in bulk.
A paperback edition of the NIV in an easy to read large print. Available by the case to use for evangelism campaigns or for daily ministry. Features maps and guides too.
365 daily readings make this NIV based text an effective way to conduct daily Scripture readings. The complete text it is affordably priced by the case or in single copies.
Save readers' vision with these "Giant Print" NIV translations. Paperback editions, the books are feature-rich and ideal for anyone who has difficulty reading standard text.
Younger and older readers appreciate this Giant Print NIV Bible. This nicely sized paperback is easy to read, full of features, and priced ideally for outreach or evangelism.
There are too many NIV Bibles to display them all here. More...
There are too many to results display them all here.

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